About Spark Cards

I bet if you had to choose, it would be real-talk over small-talk everytime. 

You like to understand yourself and why you do what you do - and why other people do what they do, as much as that's possible.

When something doesn't make sense, it drives you crazy. You crave resolution and want to break out of thinking ruts that make you feel stuck.

I know because this is true for me too.

I'm Annie - and this is exactly why I created Spark Cards! They are perfect for people like us.

Annie Kip in pink sweater 

In my my own life and in my work with clients as a Business Positioning and Mindset Coach, I've seen that finding new perspectives can change everything. 

Spark Cards tap into the subconscious part of your brain to help you see things differently.

Your brain's job is to make sense of things for you, right?

Well, the images and questions in the Spark Card deck combine in new ways everytime to encourage your brain to pull from what it already knows and actually reach for new ideas to complete the picture and find resolution.

This is a powerful self-coaching tool you can use on your own with a journal (try the Spark Journal!), talking with a friend, around the dinner table, and also your own coach.

If you're a coach, you can use these cards with your clients and to make your coaching sessions even more powerful! (We'll even gift-wrap it if you want to send Spark Cards as a welcome present for new clients!)

I'm so excited to share this fun and transformative tool with you!




Share your favorite cards and where you're using them on IG with the tag #sparkcarddeck!