3-pack of Spark Card Decks

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Keep a few on hand to give to clients, friends, and family.

Spark Cards are a fun, relaxed way to ignite creativity, unlock inner wisdom, and get unstuck! Use them with friends and get to know each other better, with your coach or clients, or around the dinner table!

You'll get insights that you can't get any other way!

This deck of cards consists of 52 playing cards - 26 black and white images and 26 question cards.

CREATIVE IMAGES: The black and white images are custom-designed to evoke a reaction or create intellectual dissonance, which will invite your brain to stretch into new ways of thinking.

POWERFUL QUESTIONS: The question cards each have a main question and 3 supplemental questions - each one written to pave the way for expansive, out-of-the-box thinking.

COLOR-CODED: The image cards and question cards have different backs so that you can choose randomly and make almost endless combinations.

POCKET-SIZED: The deck is a handy size to take with you wherever you go! Bring it along with your journal to a scenic spot, bring it to a friend's house, or keep it next to your computer for anytime you need a fresh point of view.

FUN AND CHALLENGING: Spark Cards are meant for people who take pleasure in thinking and finding new ways to understand themselves. Spark Cards can be combined in multiple ways and combinations to suit your preference.

COACHING TOOL: Spark Cards are designed by a professional coach as a tool to be used to expand perspectives and tap into creative problem-solving.

You can use them on your own with a journal, meditation, talking with a friend, and around the dinner table too!


Spark Cards are a thoughtful gift for your existing and new clients! (We'll even put a bow on your gift for you!)



3 packs of Spark Cards are normally, $81 - you'll save 15% when you buy a pack of 3!