Workbook - 4 Seasons of the Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook (spiral-bound)

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Get all 4 seasons of the Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook - a full year of journaling and reflection - for the price of 3 workbooks!

You'll get: 

SPRING - This spring edition aligns with this season of emerging and is focused on coming out of the darkness and nurturing what is growing inside of you and coming into being as the days become longer and warmer.

SUMMER - The Summer edition aligns with the more activated, outward energy of longer days and sunny skies. Tune in to where you are investing your energy and make deliberate choices about acting on your priorities and doing what really matters to you.

AUTUMN -  The Autumn edition aligns with pivoting away from the activity of summer and discerning what is ready to be released. The energy of this quieter season is about circling inward, feathering your nest in preparation for winter, and deliberately choosing what feels supportive to you. 

WINTER - The winter edition aligns with the cozy energy of this quiet season. It is focused on going inward, slowing down, healing, allowing, and restoring. In winter, we gather ourselves close, rest and renew, and incubate ideas and new creations.

Regularly $228 for all four workbooks - when you buy the bundle you pay only $171 (25% off) - which means you get 4 workbooks for less than the price of 3!

Whether you are focused on syncing up with the rhythms of the natural world or are experiencing a season of your life that needs time and tending, this workbook will give you a structure for self-reflection that will gently push your your growing edges, encourage you to to dig a bit deeper, and learn to understand and trust yourself better.


Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Number of pages for each workbook: 56 (61 with cover, TOC, etc.)

Format: spiral-bound, soft-cover