Spark Cards in a velvet bag - 3 pack

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SPARK CARDS in a velvet bag are a great gift!

Keep a few on hand to give to clients, friends, and family.

Spark Cards are a great way to ignite conversation and get to know each other better. Use them to spark lively discussion at the dinner table or with your friends.

You'll get insights about each other that you can't get any other way!

This bundle consists of 3 sets of Spark Cards, each in a black velvet drawstring bag. The decks are all the same and they come in a velvet bag, instead of a box.

Spark Cards are a thoughtful gift for your existing and new clients! (We'll even put a bow on your gift for you!)

Whenever your client runs into a block, you can use Spark Cards as a tool to help them find new perspectives and explore new ways of seeing old issues by tapping into their subconscious wisdom and creative thinking.

3 packs of Spark Cards in a velvet bag are normally, $102 - you'll save 35% when you buy a pack of 3!