Spark Journal - 3-pack

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The Spark Journal makes working with the Spark Cards even better!

Each journal has 4 pages for each Spark Card session - guiding you through the optimal self-coaching experience of using Spark Cards.

  1. Immerse yourself in the image and record your observations and reactions.
  2. Respond to the main question card.
  3. Deepen your understanding and exploration by responding to the 3 supplemental questions.

With each step, your awareness of yourself will deepen and grow.

Each journal has enough pages to work with Spark Cards over 31 days, allowing you to work on specific goals and intentions for a whole month.

See what a difference it makes to combine your Spark Cards with a Spark Journal!

Make it a daily ritual to work with your Spark Cards - and use the Spark Journal to record your insights and observations.

Buying 3 journals is usually $42 - but when you buy a 3-pack, you'll save more than 15% and pay only $36.