Workbook - Soft Ambition Self-Coaching Workbook, Winter edition (spiral-bound)

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The SOFT AMBITION SELF-COACHING WORKBOOK - WINTER edition is currently available in a spiral-bound, soft-cover, physical workbook!

This workbook has 56 pages of prompts and ponderings to support you in listening to yourself and trusting your own deep wisdom.

This self-coaching tool is designed to feel like a conversation with me, where I gently challenge you to dig into what is true for you and to make choices that honor your personal values, natural rhythms, and the impact you want to make on the people you care about. 

The winter edition aligns with the cozy energy of this quiet season. It is focused on going inward, slowing down, healing, allowing, and restoring so you can be ready for what you want to grow in the spring. See sample pages below!

Whether you are focused on syncing up with the rhythms of the natural world or are experiencing a season of your life that needs time and tending, this workbook will give you a structure for self-reflection that will gently push your your growing edges, encourage you to to dig a bit deeper, and learn to understand and trust yourself better.


Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Number of pages: 56 (61 with cover, TOC, etc.)

Format: spiral bound with a soft cover